Non-revenue water

Protect revenue with accurate meter reading

Non-revenue water

A typical utility can increase revenue up to 8% by introducing static ultrasonic water meters.

Smart water meters register consumption at a start flow of down to .015 GPM instead of traditional mechanical meters with a much higher start flow. With more accurate meter readings, customers receive fair billing based on actual consumption which translates into more revenue. Take the example of a German waterworks:

at Florenberg water company there are more than 4,800 metering points; just a 3% reduction in the movement of their mechanical meters adds up to serious water and revenue loss of potentially more than 30 million litres per year of non-revenue water, simply because the meter did not register it. 

Also, the data available with smart water meters offers more information to customer service representatives in the case of customer inquiries, which helps shorten the accounts receivable collection time and improve cash flow. 

Florenberg case story

“We will be able to localize pipe bursts more quickly and compile water loss analyses using our process control system.”

Operations Manager Stephan Hahn, Florenberg municipal waterworks

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