Submetering energy

Optimise your operations through

high-precision metering and

visualisation of consumption

Insight is your basis for optimisation

When you start measuring where you use energy and water at all locations and parts of your business, it gives you the insights to know where to optimise your operations and save money. Maybe the cleaners forget to turn off the water tap when they leave, or a production unit is not set the way it should be. Without sub-meters, this

would most likely never become transparent. In addition, you can react very quickly on leakages and excessive consumption.

Documentation for authorities

Measuring your use of energy and water ensures that you pay taxes based on your actual consumption of energy and

water rather than it being based on an estimated consumption. Your company taxes may be based on the type of energy consumption you have. By measuring the different parts of your production facilities, you can document this to authorities and make sure you pay only what you are supposed to.

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Visualise energy savings

Many companies have ambitions for a more sustainable production. With sub-meters, we can help you keep an eye on whether or not you reach your targets. And even better, the transparancy we offer means you can continuously follow the effect of your energy efficiency initiatives - and adjust if necessary.

Insights into your energy and water consumption can also work as documentation for your CSR profile, carbon footprint and climate accounting.

All metering data is of course presented in one system - from water to heat, cooling and electricity consumption.

Metering solutions you can count on – today and in the future

We have a long track record of making reliable, high accuracy meters that maintain their precision through a long life in service. More about the technical qualities of our meters

We are committed to continuously developing products that lead the way in the area of energy and water management and to making sure our systems and solutions meet future demands. 

Subsequently, we can of course present you with all the necessary certifications and accreditations such as ISO 9001, ISO27001, MID etc.

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Flexibility puts you in control 

With Kamstrup’s energy management solutions you are not tied down to a certain system. Our solutions are based on the open communication standard wireless M-Bus. This gives the necessary flexibility to gradually adjust the system to your needs and conditions and to meet the demands of reading systems in the future. 

Integration with other applications like BMS or ERP systems is simple. Also, the length of our contracts is flexible just as the service & support agreement can be suited to fit your needs and preferences.

All this ensures that you always have the metering solution that is exactly right for you.

Our expertise - your advantage
With Kamstrup, an entire programme of intelligent water and energy solutions is available to you. We are specialists in metering, data collection and analysis, and, across the world, utilities have chosen to work with Kamstrup for many years due to our expertise. Based on this expertise, we have developed solutions that are tailor-made for other areas like the administration of energy and water consumption in industrial facilities. 

We have been in business since 1946 and have an AAA credit ranking. See our annual report for more insight.


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