Automatic submetering data collection is trouble-free and time-saving

Full metering value without the hassle

Say goodbye to yearly meter reading cards, trouble getting access to all apartments, hard-to-read writing, delayed feedback and more.

Our remote reading software READy combined with an AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solution turns the collection of consumption data into an effortless task. Data is automatically updated and accessible from your platform of choice (PC, tablet or smartphone) wherever and whenever you need it.

Imagine the amount of time you can save. This becomes evident especially when compared to manual collection but also to a walk-by or drive-by system where you still have to visit the installation area to collect data. Furthermore, with automatic collection, you have full access to the data history in addition to the current meter readings from the building.

A simple and future-proof solution
Adding data collection to your individual metering solution is easy. The

installation is simple, cost efficient and requires a minimum of planning.

We base our solution on the open communication standard wireless M-Bus. This gives you the necessary flexibility to adjust your system if your needs and conditions were to change. It also provides you with the security of a future-proof solution that meets the demands of the reading systems of the future.

Submetering data visualisation

The eButler software gives you a quick and user-friendly overview of:

  • Consumption data over time
  • Alarms in case of e.g. leakages
  • Data as input to change behaviour

Submetering data collection that fits your needs

Mobile meter reading via smartphone, USB or hand terminal are other options for collecting your meter data. 

They are simple, quick and cost-effective solutions for smaller projects.

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