Individual metering

Easy and time-saving administration of energy and water consumption

Transparency, simplicity and flexibility

Satisfied tenants and reduced costs through transparency

A tenant metering solution from Kamstrup gives you an overview and insights into your energy and water consumption that you did not have before. It ensures accurate and fair billing to your tenants. Precise meter data is presented to you in a way that is easy to understand – on the platform you want (PC, tablet or smartphone), when you want it and to whom you want. Quick detection and notification of leakages ensures that action can be taken instantly. This means no unexpected bills to tenants plus reduced costs. As a bonus, with individual tenant metering you will get fewer and more easily handled disputes.

Simplicity saves time 

Imagine the amount of time you save not having to type in yearly reading cards or having the trouble of getting access to all apartments to do readings. Automatic data collection is part of our solution and this means that the meter data is always updated and accessible. You also have access to a full history of data for analysis or follow-up of energy efficiency initiatives, not just the current meter readings. 

One single system for reading water, heating, cooling and electricity consumption simplifies your daily work and makes administration a lot easier.

Flexibility puts you in control 

Your needs and preferences for multi-tenant metering define our solution for you. We make it possible for you to handle the billing yourself or to let someone else do it for you. We also provide a service agreement that fits your needs instead of forcing you into long service contracts. In this way, you know exactly what you are paying for, and there are no hidden costs.

Our range of individual metering solutions allows you to start simple and gradually develop your solution to match your growing needs. Integration with other applications is simple, so the choice is yours. 

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The value to your tenants is evident...

Fair billing based on actual consumption, reduced costs and no unexpected bills are of course all of high interest to your tenants. With our individual metering systems we also offer your tenants insights and enable them to follow their individual consumption on a PC, tablet or smart phone. 

This allows them to get a quick overview, set up alarms and compare their own consumption over time. You will be surprised by how many people will take responsibility to change their everyday behaviour and consumption patterns once it becomes transparent what effect it can have on their bill. 

Products and solutions for tenant metering

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