Data presentation

Get 24/7 access to a visual overview of metering data

eButler is a supplementary software to our remote reading system that gives a graphical and user-friendly overview of consumption data. 

You are presented with detailed and always updated information on when and where energy and water is used. It is intuitive to use and you can easily dive further into the details if needed. 

It is a great tool for easy monitoring and comparison of consumption across apartments or other areas where energy and water is consumed e.g. washing houses.

Alarms ensure that you are informed and can react quickly in case of a leakage or overconsumption. 

Additionally, it is both time-saving and quite satisfying to be able to give straight answers and advice when one of your tenants asks questions about his or her individual consumption. 

With the eButler app , the overview is always with you – right there in your pocket.

Unique insights for your tenants
eButler is also available in a version for your tenants. This means they can easily

get an overview of their individual consumption and follow its development on their smartphone, computer or tablet whenever they want. This is highly motivating in order to optimise the consumption of energy and water. 

The system also allows them to set up alarms and receive warnings of leakages or extraordinary consumption in order to avoid unexpected bills. If they simply want a quick occasional overview to make sure their consumption is on track, tenants can set up a report that they receive in their inbox.

Designed with usability in mind

The majority of software tools for data presentation have been developed for professional users such as building technicians, energy consultants and engineers. That means that they require a high level of prior knowledge that the majority of regular users does not have. 

From the very beginning, eButler has been developed for people without a technical background. User-friendliness has been a top priority, and the result is intuitive and easy to understand.

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