Demand side management

Balancing demand and supply

Manage the demand side

Growing electricity demand requires efficient management

Production and supply of electricity are challenged by international regulations, growing demand and integration of renewables. To meet the growing demand for electricity while keeping energy conservation as the prime focus, utilities worldwide must consider ways to implement efficient demand-side management.

Demand-side management systems enable utilities to get the full overview of the network load and through load profiling and four-quadrant measuring of production and consumption to control consumption in relation to supply of energy, and thus to reduce peaks and prevent network blackouts and secure a better basis for investment planning.

Kamstrup offers demand-side management products to help manage demand in response to supply conditions.

Our smart meters provide load control outputs for demand-side programs and load shedding on-demand. The smart meters also provide communication channels for e.g. raising or lowering a set point of an air conditioner or warning consumers in advance when peak rates apply.

Smart meters with load control outputs can be connected to e.g. electrical water heaters for momentary load reduction, scheduled on a daily basis or months in advance. Load reduction schedules can be tied to time-of-use (TOU) tariff programs also available in the meters or operated on demand. By leveraging the detailed load profile data from each household, the utility can easily identify peak demands and create new rate-based products to level the load.

Individual load management products allow for peak shedding reducing the overall energy demand when needed.

Smart disconnect

Smart disconnect enables efficient load management. A load limit is remotely preset to a desired value in the meter. If the load exceeds the threshold value, the meter is disconnected. The consumer must reduce the load before reconnecting the meter locally. The feature is flexible and individually programmable in each meter.

The meters also support prepayment functionality, which can be managed remotely.

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