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Heading out on the same course

We serve utilities and energy suppliers worldwide with tools and systems to optimize processes and deliver an optimum customer experience.
We consider it our obligation to join forces with the best companies and institutes in order to deliver viable answers to the pressing energy issues and the changing market demands.
Together with our partners and clients we strive to prepare for a sustainable future and a fair distribution of the planet's resources. We help our clients navigate in a shifting political landscape and we provide the tools for our clients to achieve new business opportunities.

It begins with energy metering.


System integration

Openness and interoperability is the key to a future-proof smart grid. That is why our smart grid solution, OMNIA, operates with open interfaces and integrates with known brands and technologies.

The OMNIA Smart Grid Suite is designed for seamless system integration

Grid optimization

Smart metering can add value to your grid. By using real-time metering data from substations and from the low voltage grid to analyze the performance, you can detect and repair faults even before your customers notice them.

The OMNIA Smart Grid Suite aims directly at grid optimization as part of its inherent design.

System performance

Experience from system deployments worldwide shows that a radio mesh network is the most secure and reliable last mile communication method in the low voltage grid. Therefore we can guarantee 99.9-100% performance on meter readings – delivered and documented.

Data security

Security has to be an intrinsic part of the architecture and included in the smart metering system from the very beginning. Significant harm can arise from malicious attacks, natural disasters or human errors disrupting the infrastructure.

Considered your best set-up during operations?

- How do you secure high performance?
- How do you maintain the high data security level necessary?
- Do you have the necessary resources and competences?
- Do you have the necessary IT set-up?
- How do you get support on daily issues?

We can deliver everything from basic support to a complete service solution. 

Want to learn more about Kamstrup as a service partner?

Different needs require different solutions

See how our innovative customers adopt wireless smart metering in order to build an optimized electricity grid - connect water, heat and power in one system - automate meter reading - discover energy waste and engage consumers

Kamstrup – Total solution provider

Choose a strong partner to support your Smart Grid-strategy and help you achieve your goals. Kamstrup is a total solution provider and is today Scandinavia’s largest competence centre in smart metering rollouts.

We provide the whole smart metering value chain and a complete smart meter portfolio.

"Kamstrup's professional implementation model has saved us many internal project resources, because they have already covered a lot of areas that we would otherwise have spent many resources to take into account."


Per Frederiksen, HEF Net A/S, Denmark

The OMNIA Smart Grid Suite

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