Heat and cooling metering

Only one system is required

Measuring heat and cooling energy

In one system

With the requirement for public buildings, business and homes to be more energy efficient, the need for metering has become more prominent indeed, essential to enable companies to measure energy consumption. This includes heating, cooling and combined heat/cooling solutions.
When heating is required in the cooler months and chilled water for air-conditioning is needed in the heat of the summer months, our energy meters can deliver the solution using one metering system.
Only one set of pipe work is needed for both heating and cooling energy – saving the user the cost of installing two separate systems. The meters have been optimized to be resistant to condensation by encapsulating the flow sensor case. This ensures the long lifetime of the meter.

Heat and cooling metering

The combined heat/cooling meters have the capacity to be read remotely by a wide range of communication methods thus avoiding the need to physically read the meter from the display.

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