Accurate BTU meter measuring

Customers can rely on measuring accuracy

Correct billing

Requires reliable data and correct measuring

The energy meter is a measuring instrument like the petrol pump or the weighing scale at the butcher. Customers rely on their accuracy, in fact they have to; and for this reason the demonstrability of the accuracy becomes crucial.
The energy meter is the most important point of reference between utility and customer. And since the energy meter functions as the utility's cash register it is also a very sensible point. A customer merely suspecting the energy meter of being inaccurate could destabilize the relationship and make it harder to enter into a dialogue on other issues too.
Our energy meters are subject to several tests at both local and international authorities in order to document measuring stability over time. Tests show a significant difference between the various makes regarding measuring stability.

Kamstrup launched its first ultrasonic meter in 1991. The ultrasonic meter has proven to be a very reliable technology and has since then been further developed several times with a sharp focus on improving measuring stability over the entire product lifetime.

Correct heat meter billing

Documentation of correct measurement and reliable consumption data

To secure the measuring stability, our flow sensors are submitted to a type approval according to the standard EN 1434, which includes the measurement stability test of the flow sensors, the 2,400-hour test.

The extensive 4,800-hour test of the German District Heating Working Group (AGFW) also tests for abrasion resistance. In addition Kamstrup has carried out repeated tests of used flow sensors at spot checks, which 

are mandatory in Denmark every six years. On this background we can document that our heat meters measure correctly and deliver reliable consumption data still after more than 15 years in operation.

Standing the test of time

Get the feature story on the test procedures of ultrasonic heat meters from District Energy Magazine, Q2 2011: Standing the Test of Time: Ultrasonic heat meters prove their durability.

"Not only is it important for a meter to be precise, it is also important for this precision to be demonstrable."

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