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Cookie policy

The use of cookies on Kamstrup.com

Kamstrup.com uses cookies as a small text-only string of information, which is stored on your hard drive. Kamstrup.com then recognizes your computer when you return and navigates on our website.

Kamstrup.com uses cookies to remember information about the user’s visit

thus the website can remember the entered information to track the user’s behavior on the site (anonymous).

On the following pages you can read more about, which cookies Kamstrup.com are using. If you have questions you are welcome to contact us.

How to delete cookies

You can always delete your cookies and remove the information about your behavior patterns (the cookies are saved on your browser).

The following links are guidelines to help you delete your cookies in your browser: 

• Internet Explorer 

• Mozilla Firefox 

• Google Chrome 

• Opera 

• Safari 

• Flash cookies (applied in all browsers) 

• iPhone, iPad and other devices from Apple 

• Telefoner med styresystemet Android

 • Telefoner med Windows 7 

To analysis the user’s behavior Kamstrup.com uses Google Analytics. The cookies restore information about your behavior (traffic date; IP-adresse) which are collected and send to Google’s server in USA. You can de-select cookies from Google Analytics via this link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

We use cookies to track visits on our website. No personal data is being stored. Learn more about cookies