flowIQ® 3100

Integrated water meter with great accuracy for commercial and industrial use

Metering commercial and industrial water consumption

Accurately metering commercial and industrial water accounts is a key element to reducing apparent water loss. In general, commercial customers make up a small percentage of a utility’s customer-base; however commercial customers consume significantly more water than the average residential account.

Consumption patterns of commercial and industrial customers often involve fluctuations between low flow rates and continuously high flow rates. flowIQ® 3100 uses a bidirectional ultrasonic measuring technique to ensure commercial and industrial consumption is measured accurately at both high and low flow rates. With no moving parts, the meter will maintain the same accuracy as the day it is installed.

Much more than consumption
The meter’s intelligent alarms enable you to quickly and efficiently detect bursts, leaks as well as any instances of reverse flows or tampering attempts. This reduces the water loss and the possible collateral damage to the distribution network.

Durable, watertight construction

flowIQ® 3100 is constructed with brass or stainless-steel piping and is IP-68 rated, meaning it can be installed and continually immersed in water without any risk of water ingress to the meter’s display or internal components.

Choose the right communication technology

There are a number of communication technologies available for remote reading, and the development is constantly moving forward.

Different technologies work well for different purposes, and your choice of communication technology should match your needs.

Common to all communication technologies on the shelf today – next-generation, traditional or a combination – is that they each represent a means to an end rather than a goal in themselves.  Therefore, before choosing one, you should define the business needs it must support.

Click on and learn more about what you should consider before choosing a communication technology.

The intelligence makes all the difference

Tekniska Verken Kiruna is replacing all their mechanical water meters with smart meters and a mobile meter reading system from Kamstrup. Their new metering solution will improve their efficiency and provide the basis for future optimisations.

“It’s the intelligence that makes all the difference,” says Lennart Töyrä, Meter Manager at the Department of Water and Wastewater at TVAB.

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