A digital future for water utilities, today

The digital water utility is rapidly evolving.

Not in the least due to the technological development providing us with new resources and tools that are radically changing the utility's options for getting an overview of the entire distribution network - all the way to the consumers.

We have a world of knowledge available at our fingertips, and we can achieve a level of accuracy and efficiency that was unthinkable just a few years ago. It is no longer just a matter of increased accuracy and metering of water consumption. It is also about strengthening consumer relations and optimizing operations. About quality management, revenue protection, asset management and so much more. It is about being able to make the right choices and chose the right investments.

At Kamstrup, we aren't just talking about the digital utility. We are busy creating it!

Are you ready to reap the benefits?

A truly global challenge

The days when water was simply consumed without constraint at a low yearly cost are long gone. Water is a precious and limited resource that can and must be metered as accurately as possibly. As themes like water scarcity, quality, urbanization and aging infrastructure are growing into major concerns, utilities must look for new ways of optimizing their work to finding the right balance between covering operating costs, managing assets and supporting water conservation.

Why smart water metering?

Many utilities have yet to utilize the full potential of smart metering where all parts of the distribution network are transparent and where consumer behaviour is known down to the smallest drop. The information available about the last miles of pipe leading to the individual consumers might often still be based on one yearly reading only. The challenge is that we still base much of our knowledge and forecasts on few facts and theoretical models.

The digital water utility

Smart water metering opens the door to a world of opportunities. 

Download our white paper and learn how smart metering and digitalisation can benefit your utility on 6 concrete levels:
1. Operations
2. Quality management
3. Revenue
4. Customer relations
5. Administration
6. Asset management

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