flowIQ® 3200

Ultrasonic district and commercial water meter with pinpoint accuracy

Beating water loss and maximizing revenue with technology

The flowIQ® 3200 water meter enables you to establish district metering areas in your network. This is an effective way to monitor water loss and get a better overview across the distribution network. For easy calculation of water balances and visualisation of the water loss per district, use your meters in combination with the monitoring tool District Analyser.

Because every single drop counts when it comes to accurate billing, flowIQ® 3200 measures consumption in commercial installations with pinpoint accuracy over its entire lifetime. This ensures fair billing for your customers and secures revenue for investing back into your network.

Quality and innovation at the core
Building on more than 25 years of experience, our water meters are based on proven technology and provide water utilities with the data they need to reduce non-revenue water, bill consumers fairly and operate efficiently. Our automated production process includes thorough testing in our accredited lab and ensures consistently high-quality, hygienic and accurately calibrated meters with industry-low failure rates.

A complete solution for smart water metering and leak detection

Remotely read meters, frequent data and targeted analysis create significant savings for Tønder Water Utility, Denmark.

  • €13,400/year saved on leak detection
  • Location time per leak reduced from 10 days to 1

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