Remote reading of smart water meters

Aside from the time saved compared to reading your meters manually, remote reading help you eliminates misreading errors, time consuming follow ups and estimated calculations. You get easy and secure access to meter data – without having to disturb the end-users. Remote reading increases the quality of your data and makes it easier to analyse as you can look at consumption and supply data from readings made at the same time. The increased reading frequency lets you evaluate the effects of your improvements and discover problems much sooner instead of just once a year!

And it does not have to be hard to get started with remote reading. We offer a variety of automated meter reading and smart metering systems - from handheld devices or drive-by solutions to fixed networks with data coming home in daily, hourly or down to five-minute intervals - together with user friendly data management programs.

Choose the right communication technology

There are a number of communication technologies available for remote reading, and the development is constantly moving forward.

Different technologies work well for different purposes, and your choice of communication technology should match your needs.

Common to all communication technologies on the shelf today – next-generation, traditional or a combination – is that they each represent a means to an end rather than a goal in themselves.  Therefore, before choosing one, you should define the business needs it must support.

Click on and learn more about what you should consider before choosing a communication technology.

Meter reading affects the value of your data

What’s in it for you
There is a lot of talk about the value of data. Most agree that (more frequent) meter data is a part of the solution to the industry’s challenges because it provides transparency.

But, data only becomes valuable when you use it. So, what can your utility actually gain from working more proactively with meter data? And how do you calculate the value it can bring to justify the investment?

We have made it easy for you to break down the often complex business case of automatic meter reading into smaller, more tangible parts. By using facts and numbers from your everyday work at the utility, you get an idea of the potential that could await you. Try our online calculation tool to break down your business case and let your numbers do the talking. 

Smart metering inspiration

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