Meter Data Management



Advanced meter data management software for collecting, storing and managing meter data

OMNISOFT VisionAir is an advanced meter data management software for collecting, storing and managing meter data from smart grid networks. As a true multi-utility application, it manages data from electricity, heat, water and gas meters and simplifies

the process of meter readings, management and operations. It handles validation, estimation and editing of data and it easily supplies accurate and reliable data to a wide array of external systems for billing, analysis and control purposes.

Easy access to grid information

With OMNISOFT VisionAir you get easy access to current and historical data on consumption, power quality, diagnostics and events/alarms from smart meters and smart grid components in one system

Make full use of the collected data

Smart grid features included

VisionAir includes functionality for configuration of meters and meter settings (e.g. load profiles, tariff schedules, alarms and loggers and validation rules); handling of commands to smart meters (e.g. prepayment, connect or disconnect); and scheduling of on-demand and recurring readings and jobs in order to get current information about the smart grid (e.g. voltage quality and power quality).

Configurable user interface

The user interface of OMNISOFT VisionAir is highly configurable in order to adapt to specific customer needs and to give different users access to different functions. Icons and menus provide instant access to all functions and data. Charts and list views offer quick overview of a large number of data and let you proactively identify and resolve performance issues.

Easy integration

A strong integration platform enables easy integration and fast data exchange between OMNISOFT VisionAir and business systems such as billing systems and management systems for e.g. distribution, operation and customer relations.


Built to grow with your needs

OMNISOFT VisionAir comprises a number of optional add-on modules that will add new features and functions to your system, if needed: load control, VEE (validation, estimation and editing), street light management, export service, integration,

hosting center and Energy Monitor App. In this way your system can grow and change with your needs, covering all aspects of meter data management - from data collection to evaluation, validation and analysis.

Technical information

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