Head-end system

OMNISOFT UtiliDriver®

Ensure maximum interoperability and easy integration

OMNISOFT UtiliDriver® is the head-end system in OMNIA and is used as the integration point towards e.g. MDM systems. OMNISOFT UtiliDriver® is responsible for handling all communication technologies and meter types, supported by OMNIA with the purpose of ensuring maximum interoperability and easy integration.


Flexible and future-oriented architecture

OMNISOFT UtiliDriver® is based on a flexible and future-oriented architecture that makes it easy to add new features and adapt it to new operating platforms. UtiliDriver® supports both new and existing communication

networks making it possible for existing customers to continue using their current meters and communication network and at the same time start taking advantage of the functionality of the new one.

Easy integration

OMNISOFT UtiliDriver® provides an open standard interface for seamless integration with your existing IT systems. Whether you want a complete and advanced metering solution or a meter data collection engine to fit into your existing smart metering solution, UtiliDriver® enables an easy integration with Kamstrup energy meters and communication technologies. UtiliDriver® uses standard web services.


OMNISOFT UtiliDriver® enables an array of smart meter features

  • Scheduled readings
  • On-demand readings
  • Historical data
  • Disconnection / reconnection of meters
  • Power status verification
  • Meter provisioning
  • Smart home energy control
  • Reading of heat, cooling and water meters
  • Event management.

Technical information

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