Communication Network Maintenance

Network Manager

Network Manager is a powerful tool for building and maintaining a reliable, stable and well-performing communication network

Map function

For the optimal overview

The user interface of Network Manager includes a map component that lets you visualise and analyse the utility network. Integration with map images from other IT systems, e.g. existing utility maps, is supported.

The map displays the meters and concentrators that make up your network including the communication route of the meters. If desired, you can divide your utility area into smaller areas to increase clarity. You are also able to plan the location

of concentrators in your utility area and see which meters that are read by which concentrator. Features for checking the connection quality to network devices and for adding, replacing and removing network devices are also included.

Network Manager supports remote firmware upgrade for meters and concentrators.

It lets you monitor the upgrade process and displays statistics and helps you identify errors. Information about current firmware versions of individual devices is also available.

A notification centre helps you to identify errors and potential problems both during network creation and during daily network maintenance. The centre notifies you about events that need your attention, e.g. missing encryption keys and problems with concentrator load.

With Network Manager, the task of monitoring your communication network and pinpointing problems is well supported.

Technical information

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