Data Management Systems


Manage all the processes of your smart grid

OMNISOFT is system software managing all processes of a smart grid platform. The OMNISOFT portfolio includes a head-end system and a meter data management system. Openness and integration across platforms are de facto standards of OMNIA Suite, and OMNISOFT brings you maximum interoperability with other utility systems and even other meter data management systems.

The OMNISOFT package

Ensure flexibility and continuity in your smart grid setup

The head-end system OMNISOFT UtiliDriver® is the key interface in OMNIA Suite. It enables seamless integration of smart meters into data management systems. With OMNISOFT UtiliDriver® you can easily integrate multiple meter makes into the same system, whether it is from Kamstrup or from any of our smart grid partners.

Create and maintain your communication network

OMNISOFT Network Manager is a map-based application, which is part of the OMNISOFT UtiliDriver® package, used for controlling the creation and maintenance of communication networks.

Make full use of the collected data

OMNISOFT VisionAir is the central platform of OMNIA Suite. It is an advanced software for data management and data storage.

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