Flexible and high-performing communication

Wireless communication. Limitless opportunities

Without reliable communication, there is no Smart Grid. Connecting meters and head-end system, the communication infrastructure is the backbone of a power utility’s smart metering system and essential in ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.
The right choice of communication technology depends on numerous factors and the list of things to consider is long, but one place to start is by deciding what you value more: flexibility or control?

Also, the initial investment and the total cost of ownership as well as the possibilities for upgrades as needs change are key issues, not to mention the topology and the location of the meters in urban or rural areas.

As experts in wireless communication technology, we consider it our finest job to help utilities find their answers and tailor the right communication infrastructure.

Communication for every need
Kamstrup’s solution allows power utilities to mix and match communication technologies according to their specific needs. 

You can choose to start with the tried-and-tested radio mesh solution and add NB-IoT along the way, if the need for e.g. bandwidth increases. All it takes is an additional module in the meter. You may also start with NB-IoT integrated into the meter, in which case you will be all set for the future from the point of deployment.

Explore the characteristics of the two technologies below.

444 MHz radio mesh: Control and proven results

NB-IoT: Flexibility and limitless potential

High-performing with built-in redundancy
High-performing with built-in redundancy
Frequency band dedicated to smart metering
Licensed frequency band dedicated to one telecom operator
Battle-proven technology
High degree of interoperability – supports meters from different vendors
Owned infrastructure lets you stay in control
Fully flexible deployment – plug’n’play with minimal planning
Ultra-low data transmission costs
No infrastructure investment or maintenance costs
Coverage can easily be extended by adding more concentrators
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