Comprehensive coverage with few components

For battery-powered meters

Even battery-operated meters can maintain frequent communications due to the brief, fast transmission time. Hourly values can be read and still have a battery life of 16 years ensuring the longevity of the meter.

When meters need to be read remotely using a wireless infrastructure that requires few components and has comprehensive network coverage, then we recommend the Radio Link solution.

Consumption data can be quickly and simply collected from a range of meter makes and types including water, heat, cooling and gas using C-mode standard wireless M-Bus communication. The protocol uses one-way radio to communicate.

Few components and comprehensive coverage

The Radio Link network requires a small number of components including concentrators and repeaters. The energy meters link to a concentrator which is placed in a high position to get the best radio reception. If the Wireless M-Bus meters are within range of the concentrator,

then it automatically identifies, connects and reads data from the various meters. Additional meters can be added and the concentrator will still identify and collect the data, keeping deployment and operational costs to a minimum. In urban areas, concentrators can cover up to 2.5 kilometres and

even in surrounding areas, comprehensive coverage can be obtained by using a wireless repeater. The wireless repeater is an independent battery-powered unit which can be positioned outdoors and allows extension of the range of radio signal for a number of utility meters in its area.

Meter Data Management with PcBase

Employing the user-friendly front-end system of the PcBase lll software, the data collected via the Radio Link network can be exported to billing systems.

Technical information

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