READy - Mobile meter reading

The easy way to remote meter reading

READy is a unique solution for reading meters remotely and optimizing the distribution network

READy is an effective solution for remote reading of intelligent water meters and heat meters. You get fast and easy access to consumption data and the system gives you access to tools for analysing and optimising your distribution network.

READy supports both wireless meter reading as well as meter reading of cabled meters in a Wired M-Bus system.
Depending on your needs, the remote reading of your meters with a READy system can take place in two ways.

You can read your meters on the go through mobile reading with your smartphone as you drive around your supply area. You can also choose to have your meters read automatically on a daily or hourly basis through a network with on one or more fixed data collection units 
A READy system can easily be adjusted to meet different needs and it can be expanded as your needs change. If you have chosen mobile meter reading, it is therefore easy to upgrade and expand to a network – one area at a time or all areas in one go.

Regardless of whether you choose a solution for reading via mobile or network, you get direct access to support, and meter data is stored safely with Kamstrup.

The easy way to remote meter reading

It does not have to be hard to get started with remote reading. 
With a READy remote reading system, you can say goodbye to manual readings, reporting via the internet and estimated calculations. Now you can personally read consumption data automatically, without disturbing consumers.

Third party meter integration

With the addition of T1 OMS in READy you only need one meter data management system to support meters from several suppliers. Just read your meters via drive-by, and with only one click, READy App synchronises readings from T1 OMS meters seamlessly to READy Manager. From here, all available data freely exports to most billing systems – making meter reading effective and hassle-free. So whether you have a meter park with both Kamstrup and non-Kamstrup meters, are moving from one meter supplier to another or prefer supplier independence, you can harvest great benefits of READy.

Collect your data on the go with mobile reading

Using Google Maps, the meters are automatically located on a map on your smartphone. When you drive through a residential area, your smartphone automatically displays the nearby meters, which meters that are being read, and which meters that remains to be read.
You do not need to follow a specific route as the meter reading happens automatically. This means that less driving around is required and the utility can save petrol.
Costs are kept to a minimum since limited of hardware is required, and because the software can be downloaded via Kamstrup's website and the READy app downloaded from Google Play.
The software is easy to use because each meter is created automatically in READy Manager via the accompanying meter file. Using the import function, master data and customer addresses are connected with the meter numbers, eliminating the need to manually enter addresses.

Easy handling of meters and meter data with READy Manager

No matter whether you choose mobile meter reading or a network, the handling of your meters and meter data takes place in the PC program, READy Manager. READy Manager has a simple user interface with a start screen and icon-based navigation that makes the program intuitive and easy to use.

If your meters are read with mobile reading, the consumption data will be available in READy Manager as soon as the operator synchronises the smartphone with the system when the meter reading is complete.

READy Manager supports many different data formats and offers flexible import and export of data. It is easy to integrate an existing customer database in the system. Consumption data can be exported to your billing system or an email as needed, either manually or via automated commands.

To ease your troubleshooting and give you a better overview, READy Manager can visualize meter data as a bar chart and couple the consumption with any alarms or info codes. This can make it easier to compare the consumption from different meters and identify leaks or other irregularities in the distribution network or with the end users.

"READy just works! Even without lots of training, it's easy to use, and we avoid double work and minimise the risk of error," says Olav Worm Nielsen, from Thisted Water Company.

A stepping stone to direct meter reading

If you choose the mobile solution, you not only get the perfect solution for the mobile reading of meters, but you also get a solution that can be expanded with fixed antenna or other data collection units that automatically read the meters and send the data back to the utility – without you even having to get in a car.

Besides simplifying meter reading, a READy network opens the door to new possibilities for improved surveillance of your distribution network and presents you with better opportunities to trace loss and waste, optimise pressure and more. 

Remote configuration of the meter and remote reading of the log

With READy, it is now possible to configure supported meters, such as the MULTICAL® 603, remotely with the built-in 2-way communication. This means that you can now update the meters with new settings from outside the house using the READy App on your smartphone. You do not have to disturb the customers and you avoid logistical problems with accessing the meter.

With READy App, you can now set up pulse inputs and adjust parameters such as tariffs, log intervals and more. You can also change what information the meter transmits as part of the data package. Therefore, the meter’s settings can be continuously adjusted as the utility’s need for data and billing changes.

The 2-way technology also lets you read out the meter’s log remotely. The logged data can be read from the road outside the house using READy App. This allows you to investigate abnormal consumption patterns without having to disturb the customer unnecessarily.  

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