Drive by and handheld meter reading

The simple solution for small projects

A simple, fast and inexpensive drive-by meter reading solution for small projects

With our drive-by meter reading solutions, you can read meters quickly and simply using reliable Wireless M-Bus data communication. With a drive-by meter reading solution, you reduce the time spent on reading meters, and you avoid errors as the meters are read digitally, without any disturbance to your customers.
The data communication used in Kamstrup’s drive-by meter reading solutions and Kamstrup’s fixed network solutions is the same, which means you can upgrade your drive-by meter reading solution to a fixed network solution at any time.

Triple benefits from remote meter reading

"As a minimum, we  conduct readings once a month to get the info codes. This way, we ensure that any leaks are discovered very quickly. Prior to the remote reading system, we just didn't have the possibility of discovering smaller leaks in residents’ apartments until we carried out the annual reading."
Henrik Hansen, Senior Caretaker in Gildbroterrassern Homeowners' Association.

Expand for larger projects

The simple but effective mobile/handheld solution for drive-by meter reading can be expanded to larger projects, because the basic design is already in place. This is an advantage for developers who build in phases, since the consumer data can be read and used for settlement, while the next phases are built.
This ensures ongoing earnings throughout the entire construction period. When the project is completed, the solution can be expanded to a fully automated or to a hosted network solution.

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