Strengthen consumer awareness of energy and water consumption

Let your consumers benefit from automated meter reading

eButler is an online solution for the visualisation of the home's energy and water consumption. The consumption of water, electricity, heating and gas is imported automatically from Kamstrup's energy and water meters, ideally on an hourly basis, which provides the consumers with an unrivalled possibility for gaining an insight into their energy and

water consumption patterns.

Utilities can use the solution for sorting and analysing, and consumers can use it to monitor and optimise their own consumption.

Water utilities

Give customers a unique overview of their water consumption and ease the workload with alarms from the water meters to the customers. Let eButler automatically send alarms directly to the customers via sms or email.

A complete solution

From the very beginning, eButler has been developed as a mass-distribution solution. That is, it is specifically designed to be delivered to the consumer by for example, a utility company, which can purchase licences for all of their customers in one go. 
We take responsibility for the import of data, operation, further development and support, if desired. The utility company can get eButler as a tailor-made product with suitable design, colour, name, log, etc.
With this delivery model, it is easy for the utility to focus on their main business while offering their customers unique services at the same time. 
The model is flexible, and we always find a division of responsibility that suits each individual utility’s strategy: Kamstrup can take responsibility for the whole task – from marketing aimed at the consumers to customer service and support – or the utility can decide to purchase the software and take care of the rest.


In principle, our software solutions are platform independent, i.e. regardless of the way the remotely read meters communicate via GPRS, fibre, PLC, ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc., we can use their data to create value for the customer.


Designed to focus on the customer

The majority of existing systems have been developed for professional users such as building technicians, energy consultants and engineers. This presupposes a high level of prior knowledge, which the majority of users do not have – regardless of whether they are consumers or commercial users without any special technical basis.
From the very beginning, the eButler concept and design phase has been developed for consumers.
We have made user-friendliness a top priority, and focus on accessible functionality rather than diverse functionality, and easily understood analysis and graphs rather than figures and tables.
This production approach is something that benefits all users – including professional users, who with help from our intuitive design philosophy, are able to focus on the results rather than the tool.

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