New heat and cooling meter

Innovative heat and cooling meter designed for sub-metering

The newest energy meter in the MULTICAL®-series, the MULTICAL® 302, is Kamstrup’s first dedicated sub-meter for heat and cooling installations, and according to Kamstrup's Product Group Manager, Søren Lang, it has been carefully designed to meet the most important needs for the people who are actually working with and relying on sub-meters.

Energy meter for sub-metering

We have been listening closely to the market demands and to our customers regarding what are the most wanted features in a sub-meter, and the result is a unique design built on a well-known standard technology platform targeted to make life easier for installers, property managers, building project managers as well as for billing companies,” explains Søren Lang, who has more than 20 years experience in developing advanced energy meters.

The extremely compact dimensions of the new sub-meter, which needs only 59mm of installation radius, allow it to fit into the notoriously narrow spaces for sub-metering installations. Furthermore the sub-meter has a circular profile, which enables it to rotate into the optimum viewing angle, even when the meter is mounted at floor or ceiling level, and still fit into the narrowest installation.

One sub-meter for every purpose

Wholesalers of HVAC-equipment need from now on only one device for sub-metering in their stock. The MULTICAL® 302 is a combined heat and cooling meter, which can be configured on-site with a one-button system according to its flow sensor position in inlet or outlet, energy unit in kWh, MWh or GJ and much more. This means that the wholesaler can keep a very low stock, and installers must not be careful to get the right meter for the installation. The installer can re-configure all settings on-site without any special tool.

Metal flow-pipe

“A point of extreme importance, when asking our customers, was to keep the flow-pipe in the usual robust metal materials. The reason for this being that meter must be able to endure high pressure up to PN25 in tall buildings and the constantly high temperatures in a heating installation up to 130°C,” says Mr. Lang.

Automatic meter reading

For remote meter reading was chosen the universal communication standard, M-Bus or Wireless M-Bus. Being the most common protocol this makes the sub-meter applicable worldwide and

enables integration into building management systems - to the convenience of not least building project managers who will get a sub-meter that fulfills all common international standards and communicates with all common building management systems.

General Sales Manager of Kamstrup, Per Trøjbo, sums up some of the advantages: “Owners and managers of multi-residential buildings who need to sub-meter their tenants can look forward to a highly reliable sub-meter that fits into even very small heating sub-stations and a sub-meter supporting their business needs.

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A large data-logger enables the property manager to download consumption profiles for analysis and for complaint handling and to get the exact meter stand from the day of change of occupancy. The MULTICAL® 302 has been designed to make life easier for anyone who is engaged in sub-metering in any way. Using proven technology and standard elements has made it possible to keep production costs down and thus achieve a very competitive price/performance ratio. We are excited to introduce Kamstrup’s first really dedicated sub-meter to our customers.”

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