Smart meter roll-out

Kamstrup supports the green transformation in Denmark

The Danish utility Nord Energi has selected Kamstrup to supply 62.000 smart electricity meters. The agreement means, that all households in the supply area will be ready for the Smart Grid before the end of 2015.

Today fossil fuels stand for 50 percent of all electricity consumption in Denmark. According to the government plan, though, fossil fuels will be increasingly replaced by renewable energy sources. This transformation will entail a more

fine-scaled tariff system that will give the customers an incentive to follow their consumption closely.

Just a few weeks before the turn of the year the Danish Energy Agency finally announced that all electricity meters must be remotely read by the end of 2020. With the investment Nord Energi will be optimizing both its grid services and its business opportunities preparing for the green energy transformation in Denmark.

significant operational savings in the years to come and will also give our customers a number of advantages”, says CEO at Nord Energi, Peder Kjeldgaard.

Kamstrup starts to deliver the new order in April 2014 and expects the roll-out to be accomplished within 18 months. The agreement assigns the role as total supplier to Kamstrup, including 15 years of system operation and providing data for Nord Energi’s monitoring and optimization of the supply grid.

“We’re looking forward to deliver smart meters to the Northern part of Denmark and to cooperate with Nord Energi on this exciting project, which will elevate the electricity supply and the operation in Nord Energi to the highest possible standard and support the goals of the Danish Government’s Smart Grid-plan”

CEO at Kamstrup, Per Asmussen

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