150,000 smart meters
to Dutch Enexis

Kamstrup delivered the 150,000th Smart Meter to Enexis

Kamstrup sends smart meters to The Netherlands

The Dutch energy distributor, Enexis, and smart metering provider Kamstrup recently celebrated their successful cooperation through the last five years. A cooperation which has so far resulted in the delivery of 150,000 smart meters.

When Enexis in 2009 decided to deploy smart meters, Kamstrup was the only

supplier, who was able to both fulfil the Dutch standard for Smart Metering, NTA 8130, and deliver the meters on time. After Kamstrup had won the first pilot project of 25,000 meters, Enexis placed continued orders at Kamstrup, and in February 2013, Enexis took off the 150,000th electricity meter from Kamstrup.

Important for Enexis was that Kamstrup facilitated the possibility for Enexis to gain experience with smart meters on a fairly large scale in a relatively short time.

The co-operation between Enexis and Kamstrup is from both sides perceived as constructive and advantageous. A straight-forward approach and short communication lines made it possible to respond quickly if needed. Mr Pierre Souren, Manager Support Smart Metering at Enexis, explains: "Kamstrup delivered a substantial contribution to Enexis’ learning curve in the transition from traditional energy metering to smart metering that the energy market will experience."

The Dutch government has decided that by 2020 80% of all Dutch households shall have a smart meter. Smart metering offers network operators the possibility of monitoring and improving their energy grid, and smart metering facilitates the consumers’ insight into their energy consumption. The objectives aim at reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, improvement of energy efficiency and encouraging of renewable energy.

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