See you at European Utility Week 2019

Nov 12-14 2019

European Utility Week is all about exploring the new partnerships that will fast forward the energy sector into the age of digitalization and decarbonization. So why not join us at this year’s EUW in Paris for a talk about your smart metering needs and how we can help you deliver on your promises and manage risk? You can find us at the Nordic pavilion, booth L110.

Explore some of the hot topics and experiences from projects around the world below and reach out to book a meeting at EUW for an in-depth talk.

Join our summit and Hub sessions

EUW is the place for knowledge sharing and inspiration the global energy sector and we are proud to contribute to this year’s program with two talks on digitalization.

Maintaining independence through a powerful digitalization strategy

SUMMIT SESSION: 13 Nov 2019 16:40-17:00

How a small Danish DSO actively pursues a position at the forefront of digitalization and renewable integration as part of its strategy to preserve its independence and strong local presence.

Why should I join?
To get a unique first-hand account of the benefits of utilizing smart meter data and an understanding of the strategic requirements for leveraging the potential.

Kristian Tilsted, CTO, Thy-Mors Energi Elnet A/S
Rolf Kirk, Project Manager, Thy-Mors Energi Elnet A/S


Democratizing digitalization through AMI accessibility and best practice

HUB SESSION: 13 Nov 2019 12:50-13:10 

How to avoid that digitalization becomes a game for the few because it’s too complex and demanding. We explore the current state of play, the risk it entails and discuss the keys to democratization.

Why should I join?
To understand the roadblocks for AMI penetration and realization of smart metering and digitalization benefits – and a proposed way to mitigate that risk.

Hans Peter Kyk, Head of New Market Entry, Kamstrup
Martin Ipsen Pedersen, Senior Enterprise Architect, Kamstrup


Meet Kamstrup at the Nordics, booth L110

At this year's event we join forces with other Nordic companies and organizations to create an inspiring meeting space under the headline "The Nordics". 
Stop by for a talk and a live demo of our analytics platform Power Intelligence. 
Find us at booth L110.

Best practices for efficient AMI operations

Learn how successful DSOs cope with a complex world by choosing forward-looking technology and services that help them simplify smart metering operations and run an efficient grid.

Leveraging data and smart grid applications

Grid insights and intelligence are instrumental in handing the challenges of decarbonization and electrification. Take a look at the benefits and the technology behind them.
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