Are you confident about your smart grid investment?

High meter reading performance is key to your return on investment

Without a consistently high meter reading performance, chances are that your smart electricity grid investment will not give you the benefits you aimed for. On the contrary, it might even increase your operational cost and demand further investments. 

Being able to retrieve accurate meter data on an hourly basis or less is a prerequisite to reaping smart grid benefits and being prepared for the future.
Accurate billing, grid optimization, remote firmware uploads, demand side management and smart home solutions; they all start with stable and secure communication to and from the meters.

One size does not fit all
Many factors influence meter reading performance. In terms of signal strength, low, medium and high

radio frequencies each have their own benefits. When you add the fact that local conditions influence the overall performance, the need for tailor-made solutions becomes evident. 

Knowing the pros and cons of the different options is crucial for making the right choice – for the present and for the future.

So how do you secure high meter reading performance?

Watch the movie and learn more about the keys to achieving a high meter reading performance.

“We have invested in a high-performing system that is capable of delivering real-time data from all consumers and from the outermost ends of the low-voltage grid.[…] We must be able to make precise estimates and diagnostics in order to optimize our grid performance and make targeted trouble shooting and targeted investments. It is not enough to have a meter reading system for billing purposes alone.“

Jan Wennström, CEO at ÅEA

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