Remote Meter Reading

Your primary goal is to deliver heat to your customers – and to ensure correct billing based on precise readings.

Intelligent meters and remote reading help you look at your network in a simple way and with clear objectives: 

  • Use your resources to the best possible extent
  • Ensure happy customers
  • And optimise your business

This step towards digititalising you utility provides more and reliable data – and the more data you have, the more value you can create.

The data from intelligent meters can be automatically collected via the remote reading solution READy. Either as a drive-by solution or a fully automated network reading system (or a combination). What to choose depends on your needs.

Plug & play meter reading

Depending on your solution, your network can provide insights and knowledge that allows you to:

  • Identify buildings that have impacts on the system with high outlet temperatures and poor cooling …and why
  • Immediately locate meter installations with errors and attempts of tamper and thus avoid manual estimation of consumption and other related tasks
  • Efficiently collect meter data, export it directly to the billing system and actual consumption data for monthly budget follow-up on the energy sold
  • Customer data is continuously available, enabling you to give advice and answer questions right away
  • Monitor and visualise the customer’s consumption and consumption patterns
  • Offer the customer alternative billing models and services on the basis of the available data

Optimising the individual buildings in your network

READy in a fixed network allows you to look closer at the individual buildings and find the units, installations at buildings, where you can improve the most and make sure you network works in the best way possible.

Studies show that up to 75 % of all heating installations in buildings are faulty or set up wrong. With a positive spin, this means a huge potential for optimisation for you!

Unlocking this potential – and the many other optimisation opportunities in your network – demands insight and transparency. 

The benefits of this transparency are many and include getting closer to customers, give targeted advice, reduce your customers heating bill and at the same time optimise your network performance and, as a consequence, your business.

Inspiration for an optimised network

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