Hassle-free installation

The Kamstrup MULTICAL® 6M2 offers maximum flexibility and can be included in various applications depending on your needs. 

Choose a single-box solution containing a preprogrammed calculator, a mechanical flow part and temperature sensors for a hassle-free and simple installation. No need for configuration or pairing of units; just bring the box to the installation site as is.

If needed, it is also possible to order the calculator separately to install it with an alternative flow part.

A single-box solution that takes energy efficiency to a new level
MULTICAL® 6M2 is an all-purpose energy calculator specifically tailored for mixed fluid applications with medium temperatures from -40 °C to 140 °C. 

With a MULTICAL® 6M2 heat meter you get the data and overview needed to optimize your system. Whether used for comfort cooling or solar heating, you can get maximum energy efficiency and get the most out of your clean energy investment.

The Kamstrup MULTICAL® 6M2 heat meter offers a highly flexible configuration, and the meter is compatible with most common antifreeze liquids used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

The type of antifreeze liquid and the concentration are freely programmable allowing you to change your set-up easily if necessary. The meter can compensate for the specific heat capacity in each application, ensuring a high accuracy regardless of the chemical composition.

Working with a pulsed flow sensor and a pair of 2-wire temperature sensors, the MULTICAL® 6M2 is your guarantee that energy in any mixed fluid application is measured accurately during the entire lifetime of the meter. The meter requires an absolute minimum of maintenance checks guaranteeing minimum operating costs.

Make it easier

The MULTICAL® 6M2 mixed fluids heat meter can be fitted with a wide range of communication modules to allow data integration with Building Management Systems through pulsed outputs such as M-Bus, LonWorks, BACnet or Modbus. This makes it easy to fit the meter into various applications. MULTICAL® 6M2 constantly monitors power supply and the function of the temperature sensors. An info logger registers and stores all irregularities and changes and an INFO code will appear in the meter display if an error occurs. MULTICAL® 6M2 is also fitted with an integral RTC and saves yearly, monthly, daily and hourly loggers which can easily be read and analysed as part of the daily operations optimization.

Compatible fluid types
New fluid types are added continuously and the complete overview of compatible fluid types is not included in the meter's technical documentation, but only available online - see list.

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Kamstrup provides ultrasonic meters for metering energy consumption. Smart heat metering enables valuable features like remote meter reading, meter surveillance and integration with water metering and electricity metering systems.

Dive in to our customer world and find inspiration from colleagues, who have tested our solutions and reaped the benefits.

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