Cooling meter reading


Your primary goal is to deliver cooling energy to your customers and tenants – and to ensure correct billing based on precise cooling meter readings. The integrated communication options you get with Kamstrup cooling meters are highly flexible and enable you to achieve true value from the data you receive.

There are a variety of options available, consisting of wired and wireless M-Bus and integration with BMS and SCADA systems to serve your business needs and optimize overall operations. The data from intelligent meters can also be automatically collected via the remote meter reading solution READy. Either as a drive-by solution or a fully automated network reading system (or a combination). What to choose depends on your needs.


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USB Meter Reader


The Kamstrup USB Meter Reader enables you to read your heat/cooling meters on the go. In terms of time, it takes only a few seconds to read one meter. The start package provides you with an USB dongle that can be used together with USB Meter Reader. The program is free but advanced features requires licenses. Your consumption of time and resources is reduced to a minimum as it takes less than 15 minutes to put the system into operation. It also works well with M-bus master to read meters via wired M-Bus.

If your meters are regularly read, it is easy to follow the consumption and thereby save energy. You do not only contribute to cutting down the individual energy bills, but also to reducing the overall energy consumption.



READy is an effective solution for remote meter reading of smart cooling meters. You get fast and easy access to consumption data and the system gives you access to tools for analyzing and optimizing your distribution network. Kamstrup READy supports both wireless meter reading as well as meter reading of cabled meters in a Wired M-Bus system. Depending on your needs, the remote reading of your meters with a READy automatic meter reading system can take place in two ways. Regardless of whether you choose a solution for reading via mobile or network, you get direct access to support, and meter data is stored safely with local and hosted options available with Kamstrup.

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