Smart heat metering

For higher energy efficiency

Meeting tomorrow’s energy challenges today

As global energy demand and urbanization continue to rise, fossil fuels are being exhausted and the economic as well as environmental costs of energy production increase. This stresses the need for not only reducing consumption but also improving the efficiency of how energy is produced, managed and distributed. 

As a result, utilities today are required to become more energy efficient while, at the same time, optimising operations, increasing cost efficiency and providing even better service to end users.
Smart metering is a central part of the solution, because you cannot optimise what you do not measure. Frequent and accurate meter data provide utilities real-time insight about their distribution network, the end users and the buildings they supply. This knowledge allows them to make smart decisions that produce tangible savings today while also meeting both the challenges and possibilities of the intelligent energy system of the future.

At Kamstrup, we want to be your partner on this journey. Below we share with you our knowledge and views on the reality of the energy efficient heat supply.

What’s Next

At Kamstrup we have built a structured and inspiring platform of options so you can take the next step towards a sustainable business.

The energy efficient heat supply

District heating is facing a new energy reality – a reality in which smart metering provides the basis for high energy efficiency by adding data-based knowledge to district heating. 

Download our white paper and take a closer look at what characterises the intelligent energy system, and explore the importance of efficiency and transparency – all the way to the end user.

District heating enters centre stage

District heating currently supplies 13% of Europe’s heat demand but that is forecast to increase to as much as 50% by 2050.
Read Steen Schelle Jensens take on 2017 and beyond
It is time for action!

The value of data

Smart metering adds intelligence to district heating. With the knowledge that can be derived from frequent meter data, utilities are able to optimise operations and improve energy efficiency, creating additional value for themselves and their customers.

Combined heat and cooling

When heating is required in the cooler months and chilled water for air-conditioning is needed in the heat of the summer months, Kamstrup meters can deliver the solution using one metering system. Only one set of pipe work is needed for both heating and cooling energy – saving the user the cost of installing two separate systems.

Long-term accuracy

Correct billing requires reliable data and hence correct measuring.

The energy meter is a measuring instrument like the petrol pump or the weighing scale at the butcher. Customers rely on their accuracy, in fact they have to; and for this reason the demonstrability of the accuracy becomes crucial.

The district heating concept

Denmark has the highest density of district heating connections with more than 60% of all households connected to the network. Thus, a great number of suppliers for the district energy industry are seated in Denmark. Kamstrup is one of these suppliers and has greatly benefitted from a progressive homemarket, so that we today have the most innovative heat metering solutions on the market. Watch the film about the district energy concept in Denmark.

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