Data security

Does your solution comply with the GDPR?

According to the GDPR, you as a utility or property manager need to address how you collect, protect and handle consumption data. You need to be able to document the security in the metering solutions and how you and your suppliers work with data security. 
For a long time, we have worked with security, incl. in the form of our ISO27001 certification, and it has been integrated in our metering solutions from the beginning. At request, we can hand out documentation for how we have implemented the data security solutions.

A secure solution

Our most important job relating to the regulation is to deliver metering solutions complying with the applicable requirements, and that they do. We make great security demands to our self and our solutions and we keep trying to be on the front edge with the technological development by continuously letting internal specialists test and challenge our systems. By at the same time integrating security in our development process from the beginning means that meters, systems and processes are designed in a way that the security surrounding our data is at the highest level. 

Five security principles

We have defined five security principles which we always use as starting points when we develop solutions. The principles make sure that the solutions comply with the requirements and that data is managed confidentially.

A joint responsibility 

We deliver a high level of security in our solutions, but it is a joint responsibility that the solution and documentation live up to the requirements in the GDPR. As supplier, we always have a responsibility for our solutions but as part of your job with consumption data, you are responsible for the data being managed correctly and that your solutions comply with the regulation.

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